Why is my country not listed on your website when I register?

Our bank requires that we do not process credit cards online for some countries. If your country is not listed on our website when you register and you would like to order our products, please email orders@one4kids.net with a list of items you want. We will send you an invoice and process your order and payment manually after approval from our bank. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Can I copy for your films for Dawah purposes?

All of the films we sell are copyright protected, so even for Dawah purposes you are not allowed to make copies.  As you will notice, all our products are presented in a professional manner. If we were to allow copying of our products, their quality will be lost.  We have established a way that anyone can order our products for Dawah purposes at a cheap price. Click on the Dawah category to view the available items.

Are you affiliated with any speaker, Sect of Islam or School of Thought?

No. One4kids is not affiliated with any group, person, sect or school of thought.  We only follow the Quran and teachings of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.  Any views expressed in any lectures are not necessarily those of One 4 Kids / One Islam Productions or its employees, affiliates or representatives. 

Can I donate money to One 4 Kids?

Although we operate as a non-profit organisation, our business is set up as a company. Therefore we cannot accept donations.  The best way you can support us is by purchasing original copies of our products and encouraging everybody you know to do the same.  

I am a non-Muslim or new Muslim.  Can you help me?

If you are a non-Muslim or new Muslim, One 4 Kids can send you educational products free of charge.  Please email us: info@one4kids.net.