Learn Arabic with Zaky – Announcing our new pack

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We’re proud to announce that our new Learn Arabic with Zaky pack is now available for purchase!

Our new Learn Arabic With Zaky Pack is perfect for young children to learn the basics of the Arabic language. The Zaky Talking Toy teaches them the Arabic Alphabet, Arabic colours, Arabic numbers, Arabic words, the Islamic months while also teaching them about Islam. This pack also comes with a colouring book, flashcards, sketch board, poster and bookmark, all in a beautiful package.

The Pack Contains:

  • Learn Arabic with Zaky Toy (small size)
  • Zaky’s Arabic Alphabet & Number Flash Cards
  • Arabic Alphabet A2 Poster
  • Zaky’s Arabic Colouring Book
  • Zaky’s Coloured Pencils – 12 Pack
  • Zaky’s Arabic Sketch Board
  • I Love the Quran Bookmark

Parents all around the world have already ordered theirs and the reviews are amazing, alhamdulillah. Parents have commented that the talking Zaky toy is great for aiding with memorisation of letters and vocabulary and that the other materials are great to help reinforce this learning.

Secure your pack today, click here to order.