About One4Kids

We are an animation company based in Sydney, Australia, that focuses on producing entertaining and educational animated films for children worldwide.

Our goal is not just to educate, but to provide halal entertainment alternatives to the inappropriate content our children are seeing today.

Since our beginnings in 2006, our main character Zaky has become a household name in Islamic children’s entertainment. He loves teaching children about Islam, good manners and the wonderful world around us.

Our success in numbers

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Our TV Channel

In 2016 we launched our very own online streaming platform (like Netflix!) that features hours of entertaining & educational children's cartoons and programs on demand which can be viewed anytime and anywhere. Growing in popularity, it is a MUST for every Muslim family

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Our journey in numbers

As of 2021, we have produced:

  • Over 20 animated films
  • 100’s of animated videos
  • Over 35 songs
  • Stacks of merchandise
  • Nearly 1 million Youtube subscribers
  • Over 700M views
  • Over 450K likes on Facebook

Interview with our founder | Subhi Alshaik

Letter from our founder

From one disappointment to another, coupled with desperation and frustration, I quickly realised something needed to be done about Islamic children’s entertainment.

So I did it myself, and Zaky and Friends were born! It took a while to get it right, but boy did this idea take Muslims by storm Alhamdulillah!

The popularity and demand for Zaky all over the Muslim world only confirmed that which we all know deep down – our ummah needed relatable entertainment our kids can look up to and learn from. I soon discovered that we don’t just need Zaky, but we need countless more characters like him. No child has ever complained that they possess or have watched too many cartoons or films. The demand is astronomical. If Disney can’t keep up, why can’t we take the initiative?

The last 10 years have no doubt been fruitful but an uphill struggle at the same time. 

Join One4Kids in becoming part of our global mission to educate millions of children via entertainment without compromising our Islamic ethos and values, and hopefully one day build our very own Disney-Like studio for our current and future young generations Insha Allah!

Your brother,
Subhi AlshaikFounder, One4kids

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