Build Their Future – July 2021 Update

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Assalamu alaikum supporters! It’s time, again, for an update on how your contribution this Ramadan is helping us scale our media production efforts.

With your help, we’ve been able to produce an additional seven scripts & storyboards:

  • Kazwa & Bilal ep4: The Broken Beehive
  • Kazwa & Bilal ep5: Fishing adventure
  • A Day With Zaky & Friends ep10: You Are What You Eat
  • A Day With Zaky & Friends ep11: The Storm
  • A Day With Zaky & Friends ep12: Keeping Clean
  • Laith & Layla: Our Universe
  • Laith & Layla: Quran

We’ve also shifted our focus towards creating even more regular content for fans to benefit from and enjoy. New, ongoing weekly series that are currently being produced include:

  • A new Science/Geography Series (In Pre-Production)
  • Karaoke (In Production)
  • Memorise Quran With Zaky (In Production)(not a new series, but now a regular one thanks to your help)

If you’d like any information on the above do feel free to reach out insha Allah. You can reach us at info@one4kids.net.

Until next time, assalamu alaikum!